Summer Tips to Hide Sweat and Stay Cool With Excessive Sweating

Do you suffer from excessive sweating even after taking a bath? This can be an embarrassing situation because the sweat will stain on your armpits making your clothes discolor. Some sweating is accompanied by bad odor which will make you feel uncomfortable when associating with people. So, can you hide excessive sweating during summer? Below are summer tips to hide sweat and stay cool with excessive sweating.

Using Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are the first solution to hiding excessive sweating during summer. They stop the sweating for some time which means you have to reapply it after several hours. One thing you have to remember is to avoid picking any antiperspirant you find on the stores.
Check the active ingredient and ensure it has aluminum chloride. This is what strengthens the performance of the antiperspirant by blocking the pores under your arms thereby controlling or hiding excessive sweating.

Avoid wearing dark clothes

Dark clothes tend to absorb heat more which will make you sweat more. Sweat creates yellowish or whitish rings on these clothes making sweat stains more visible. When you can’t avoid wearing such clothes, chose the light and loose ones to allow air flow.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes restricts air flow and retains moisture which can make you sweat heavily. Your clothes should be loose around the private parts and armpits to allow them to remain cool. For the ladies, dresses and skirts are excellent solutions for hiding excessive sweating compared to wearing tight jeans. If possible, wear clothes made of cotton since it can absorb moisture from your skin.

Use sweat shields

Using sweat shields is a great way to hide sweat and stay cool when suffering from excessive sweating during summer. These shields are round absorbent pads that you can place them your arms by attaching them to your blouse, bra or shirt. You can change them occasionally to prevent sweat from leaking to your clothes.

Shaving pubic hair

Ensure you maintain clean shaven private parts and armpits. Hair around these areas can hold sweat.

Changing Clothes

If you can manage to change your clothes, doing this can help hide excessive sweating during summer. Doing that not only hides the excess sweating but also keeps you fresh and comfortable.

Wipe Your Face

If you experience face sweating during summer, you need to stop using excess face creams. Go for something light if you must use one. To hide excessive sweating on your face, have a handkerchief with you every time you leave your house. Rub your face occasionally if too much sweat accumulates on your face. Do it in way people will not notice what you are doing to avoid being embarrassed.

Stay cool

Excessive sweating is triggered in many ways. Things like excitement, anxiety, embarrassment and humid weather can accelerate your sweat very quickly. Some people have sensitized sweat glands, and immediately they are anxious or embarrassed the sweat glands trigger sweating.
If situations you are facing compel you to sweat excessively, avoid such or trying to maintain a relaxed posture can help you hide the problem. You should also restrict yourself from eating spicy dishes since the spices have chemicals that make the body temperature increase triggering the sweat glands and you start sweating.

Use herbal recipes

Recipes like lemon juice and baking soda is an excellent alternative to reduce you sweating. You need to have the baking soda and lemon juice mixture on a cotton pad that will absorb sweat, and all the armpit odors will be gone. You can try fruits like grapes because they cool your body. Then for this summer, you can try grape and tomato juice, and this will help you stay cool without sweating.


Excessive sweating is not only embarrassing but also a risk to your health. You can be dehydrated if you suffer from this problem. It is a problem that many people around the world encounter.
If you find you cannot prevent or keep the problem under control, you can try to hide it. This will save you the embarrassment accompanied by excessive sweating like odor or wet patches on your clothes. The above summer tips to hide sweat and stay cool with excessive sweating can help you enjoy your time out during the hot season.


Carrie is a former product developer working in the medical industry. She likes to share her knowledge about devices such as iontophoresis machines on this blog.

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