Iontoderma iD-1000

Product Name:Iontoderma_iD-1000
Prescription Required:No
Money Back Guarantee:45 days
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:Made for hands and feet only
Type of Current:Direct Current
FDA Approved:No (pending)
Coupon Codes:15% off (read full review)
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Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing issue but not too uncommon, many people from around the world deal with this condition. Luckily there are methods to get rid of hyperhidrosis including iontophoresis. This is a process that uses small electric currents in the areas where you sweat, in order to cut off the glands. It used to only be available at the doctors via multiple expensive treatments but popularity in this treatment has grown, which has resulted in it becoming more accessible.


There are now many iontophoresis machines including the iontoderma, which can actually be used at your own home. The Iontoderma iD-1000 is an effective iontophoresis machine, where the box itself acts as the water reservoir for treatments of sweaty hands and feet. The controls on this machine are really easy to use and the only other items included in the box are the wires that connect the machine to the power source.



You might find other companies that sell a variety of iontophoresis machines but these are usually a lot more expensive than the Iontoderma iD-1000. Another machine will cost you between $500 – $1500, whereas Iontoderma iD-1000 is a steal at just $400. You can use the machine whenever you want to without any extra cost, unlike getting treatment at the doctors which will be costly for each and every visit! Getting yourself an iontoderma machine for your home is going to save you so much money over time.
You are not going to see instant results with one of these machines but over 90% of patients who used one on a daily basis saw a significant decrease or complete elimination of their excessive sweating. You will start to see results in around 2 weeks and hopefully your sweating will be gone completely after just a month (this is the expected result based on reviews of the machine).


The Iontoderma iD-1000 arrives with a 2 year warranty, which is another good sign that is works well. In addition to this, there’s a money back guarantee, meaning you can get a refund if you are not happy with your results after 2 months of using the product. The warranty also covers shipping costs, so if you do need to return the item for some reason you won’t need to pay shipping. If the item is damaged within 2 years, the company will completely replace it for you which is pretty awesome service I think you will agree! The Canadian company that sells this product and distributes it worldwide actually offers free shipping and return shipping worldwide. This is because the company really wants the whole world to experience the Iontoderma iD-1000 and at a price that is affordable.iontoderma



  • Free shipping
  • A super affordable price for anyone with hyperhidrosis
  • Positive testimonials from satisfied customers all over the world


  • The product is only effective on hands and feet
  • The FDA approval is currently still pending

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Iontoderma iD-1000
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