Idromed 5 PS

Product Name:Idromed 5 PS
Prescription Required:No
Money Back Guarantee:8 weeks
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:You can purchase extra adapters for face, arpits, chest, the back, the stomach etc.
Type of Current:Pulsed Current
FDA Approved:No
Coupon Codes:No
Idromed 5 PS
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Sweating excessively can affect your comfort levels during both business and social interactions. It can be pretty draining on your everyday life in fact and it can even lead to conditions like depression. Going to the doctors over and over for multiple treatments isn’t always helpful, in fact it can give an even bigger dent in confidence. An Iontophoresis machine is likely the answer you are looking for, you can get one for an affordable price and use it yourself at home whenever you feel you need it. You can give yourself regular treatments without the requirement to pay every single time. Doctors visits over time amount to much more than the purchase of one of these machines.


There are many Iontophoresis machines on the market however and you might be confused as to which one is right for you. For one of the most recent machines that has pulsed current, The Idromed unit is one of the top iontophoresis machines recommended. There are a variety of features to take advantage of on this item and the product has received 5 star reviews from customers who have used it. You will hopefully be leaving similar raving reviews once you experience the benefits for yourself.


The Idromed 5 PS comes with all the components you need, packed in an attractive and functional box. The sleek control unit includes an LCD screen in addition to a dial, that allows you to set personalised strength of treatment based on your requirements. There are two cables, one to connect the Idromed  unit to the power and the other to connect the unit to the treatment area on your body. When the case is opened, it actually acts as the water reservoir to treat both the hands and feet.

The mentioned brand of Iontophoresis machine is so popular that there are several versions available on the market including the Idromed PC, Idromed 5PS and Idromed 5DC. All treat different areas of the body in order to give maximum results based on your personalized situation. The hands and feet are most commonly treated but you can also get devices that treat the face, groin, thighs, underarms, buttocks and neck. Whatever it is you need treated, the manufacturer will be able to help you out.

It’s so convenient to have a machine you can use yourself and just imagine how much happier you will feel when you can get rid of your hyperhidrosis once and for all. Although you might need several treatments, being able to do that yourself at home is a big advantage. When you are sweating less than usual or not at all, you will not have to worry about people talking about you or seeing you differently. You can shake someone’s hand or hug them without the worry of being clammy or sweaty. There are multiple versions of the Idromed iontophoresis machine such the Idromed PC, Idromed 5PS,¬†Idromed 5DC. Each version is designed to treat different areas. The most obvious treatment areas are the hands and the feet. You can also get units to treat the face, neck, groin, thighs, underarms, and buttocks. With all of these options you can treat an area that excessive sweating might find.


Think about the magnificence of having a unit that is capable of treating your excessive sweating so that you can feel more confident in your everyday life. No longer will you have to worry if people are noticing your sweating. A handshake is once again a thing of confidence. Plus, it is hard to argue with the 5-star reviews that the unit has received from real customers.



  • Two years warranty from manufacturer
  • You get to experience an 8 week trial period
  • There is extra equipment for other body parts that you can purchase


  • A fairly expensive initial purchase but will save you money in the long run


You can buy the Idromed 5 PC and Idormed 5 DC from a US or a EU webshop. At the moment you can probably get the best deal at the EU webshop due to the exchange rates at the time of writting this (675EUR = $710).


US webshop:

EU webshop:


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Idromed 5 PS
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