Hidrex PSP 1000

Product Name:Hidrex PSP1000
Prescription Required:No
Money Back Guarantee:8 weeks
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:You can purchase extra adapters for face, back, chest, neck and underarms
Type of Current:Direct Current (DC), Pulsed Current (PC), Variable Pulsed Current (the efficiency of DC with comfort of PC)
FDA Approved:Yes
Coupon Codes:Yes, for DVP1000 & DP450, 5 & 10% off (read full review)
Hidrex PSP 1000
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The Hidrex PSP 1000 is an iontophoresis machine recently added to the market. It is manufactured by Hidrex, a company well known for its medical products. Over 20,000 units of the product have sold in a concise time indicating its efficiency and reliability. Its overall design is relatively modern, giving an appearance that outshines similar products in the market. From its performance in the short time, it has been on the market, Hidrex PSP 1000 is considered the king of iontophoresis devices.


Hidrex has produced a very versatile machine capable of treating various parts of the body. It uses both direct and pulses current to capture both benefits or efficiency and comfort. Depending on the patient’s needs and comfort level required, the Hidrex device can switch between direct and pulse. You have more options to program the device further to get the maximum effect of its pulse charge.


If you don’t want or fear to mess with the settings, the Hidrex PSP-1000 has the right options for you with its variety of presets. With just a press of a button, you can choose to treat the underarms, feet, or hands without any hassle.


Hidrex ensured it created a product that can be used and operated by anyone, even those without any technical experience with medical devices. This feature makes the product easy to use, especially for those seeking quick application. Those who want more also have the options to use the same device. The Hidrex device is versatile in usage as its essential features can easily be used by customers, while its advanced features can be used in clinical settings.


Its in-built automatic system makes the Hidrex PSP 1000 easy to set resistance and current level applied to your skin and through the body of the user. The device automatically analyzes your skin’s dryness and other crucial factors, then automatically adjust your treatment options to deliver optimal treatment. If there is no need to increase the intensity of the treatment, the system won’t improve it hence the beauty of its automation.


The package includes all that you will need to operate the device. There are control modules, cables, plugs, plates, and cotton towels. These are all included in the carry case for convenient transportation in one compact package wherever you go. A user manual is also included to help any user quickly learn the ropes to operate the PSP 1000 as a pro. The iontophoresis machine comes with a type A plug, but if need be, you can request for a type C plug.



Hidrex also offers additional support in 6 different languages for those who need more than the manual provided. Users will be shown the best way to use the device and application pads to achieve the most out of this treatment.


PSP 1000 costs $950 whereas the GS-400 costs $695. The DP 450 which is a direct current model of the product doesn’t come with the features included in the PSP 1000.


Why PSP 1000 is recommended

Due to its features and ease of use, the Hidrex PSP 1000 is the king of iontophoresis machines. It has variable pulse control increasing its versatility and expanding its use. The variable pulse mixes direct and pulse current and allows the use of higher voltage for the treatment without causing injury or discomfort. Its effectiveness is close to that of direct current but without the associated discomfort of a direct current.


The two units are FDA approved and are available for sale to US customers. To help in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, the DVP 1000 can be used by patients around the world in their treatment plan.



iontophoresis machine for sale

  • Gives a lot of control to users
  • Delivers high success rates
  • Has been demonstrated on popular television
  • Is approved by the FDA
  • Uses variable pulse current
  • Comes with extra attachments for other body parts



  • The unit is relatively expensive, but other units are available at lower prices


The PSP 1000 and GS-400 are both available from EU and US webshops with best prices available from the EU shop due to the prevailing exchange rates.

US webshop: https://www.sweating.com/iontophoresismachine.html

EU webshop: https://www.iontodevice.com/iontophoresismachine.html


The Hidrex DVP 1000 is also available at a significant saving. With a prescription which you can get it
from Hidrex US, you can purchase the product at a discount using the $95 coupon IMO10 which is a 10% discount off the price. The DP 450 also has a 5 % discount using the IMO5 coupon.


Webshop: http://excessive-sweating-treatments.com



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Hidrex PSP1000
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