R.A Fischer MD-1a

Product Name:Fischer MD-1a
Prescription Required:Yes
Money Back Guarantee:45 days (less shipping, customs fees)
Additional Adapters for Special Body Parts:You can purchase sponge pads for armpits
Type of Current:Direct Current
FDA Approved:Yes
Coupon Codes:No
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Today, iontophoresis machines are available to individual users. You do not have to go to a hospital to get its services. This helps cut expenses on hospital visits. Fischer MD-1a is iontophoresis equipment worth considering as you do research on iontophoresis machines that help manage excessive sweating. MD-1a goes at $675. It is a worthwhile investment considering the benefits you will rip from it.


Save up some cash or tighten your budget, get the equipment and live a healthier, comfortable life. If not Get an insurance plan that can entirely or partially take care of the cost.


How does the R.A Fischer MD-1A work?

It needs three main things to operate a basin filled with water, control unit and power source. You need to switch on the power source for the device to operate. Electricity will flow from the source to the control unit where it is regulated to the required, safe amount. The current then gets to the water in the basin and is then used on you. The amount of electricity in use depends on an individual’s degree of excessive sweating, which differs from one person to the other.


Consider buying extra pads and any other tool that makes the MD-1a produce better results. Actually, there is another device in the MD range of products that work better than this one, but you will pay a little more. It is MD-2 and costs $899.


Remember, if you are a US based buyer you will need a doctor’s prescription before purchasing either of the iontophoresis machines.



  • Recognized by FDA as safe
  • Monthly installments are allowed
  • Works well with additional sponge pads



  • Mandatory prescription before ordering
  • MD-1a is analog equipment without many features
  • The price is high for an old analog model


(Se lowest price)


Carrie is a former product developer working in the medical industry. She likes to share her knowledge about devices such as iontophoresis machines on this blog.
Fischer MD-1a
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