What Impacts Iontophoresis Treatment?

There is no doubt that many people have success with iontophoresis machines in regards to treating their hyperhidrosis. If you are already considering buying an iontophoresis machine then that’s great but there are some things that need to be considered. There are certain factors that impact both how effective the treatment will be and how many sessions you will need, so let’s take a look at what these are.

How severe your condition is

Everybody suffering from hyperhidrosis has it at different levels. How much you sweat will have an impact on how effective the iontophoresis treatment is. If your sweating is particularly bad, it might take longer to get the kind of results that you want. The majority of people who go through this method, report suffering from dryness within the first week and this sometimes lasts longer. This is why you should consider how severe your hyperhidrosis is when you are deciding whether to have iontophoresis or not.

The voltage level

Some iontophoresis machines have higher voltages than others. This will impact the results you see/how many sessions it will take to completely get rid of your condition. If a lower voltage is used in combination with shorter sessions, you would be prone to having dry hands/feet in around 2-3 weeks. While higher voltage in longer sessions, would give you results in just 1 week. If you are really impatient in terms of seeing results, more regular sessions of treatment are recommended.

The schedule

With hyperhidrosis, the treatment is usually administered once a day for the first week and then once a week or every two weeks. If your hyperhidrosis is more severe, then you might want to have it more regularly. Try the recommended schedule, see how it works for your condition and then adjust accordingly.

Size of hands/feets

Believe it or not but the size of your hands and feet make a difference to how quickly/efficiently the treatment works. If you have a larger area of skin to cover then this is to be expected because the current will have a slightly lower effect on your body.

Fungus infections

If you have any fungus infections on the treated areas prior to the iontophoresis treatment, this could reduce how effective it is. This is because the machine makes sweat glands dry out but fungal infections product sweat of their own which will counteract the intended results.

Mineral composition of water

Iontophoresis machines use water to work and for a super successful treatment, ideally tap water should be used. This is because tap water contains certain minerals that other water does not. If you don’t have tap water available and wish to use bottled, add some baking soda or salt into this. This will add the minerals into the water and will make it just as effective as if it came from a tap!

Carrie is a former product developer working in the medical industry. She likes to share her knowledge about devices such as iontophoresis machines on this blog.

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