Excessive sweating of hands and feet is a hindrance to daily activities. If you are experiencing this, we have an effective solution. It guarantees permanent suppression of your sweat glands through use of an electric current. The treatment technique has existed for several decades; the enhancements through the years attribute to effectiveness of the therapy today.


Excessive sweating can be a nuisance. It can affect an individual’s self-esteem because of the ever-moist palms. Some people are irritated when they shake hands with an excessively moist palm. It is also an indication that your body is losing lots of water hence need for constant replenishment. Water is an integral element in the body, in adequacy exposes you to major health risks and complications.

We recommend this therapy for people who have tried or are currently living on antiperspirants and other clinical prescription but not getting desired results. Iontophoresis is a stronger treatment that guarantees you quick and permanent results.

From our analysis and experience through the years, most patients reduce their sweating by at least 91% in the first session. Consistency and strict following of doctor prescription guarantees you normalcy.

Side effects? None. When you embark on this treatment journey, the result is only positive. The excessive sweating will stop; the period depends on specific conditions. However, 5 to 6 months of consistency guarantees a permanent stop and normal function of sweat glands.

The iontophoresis treatment plan is divided into two phases. The first stage involves immersion of both hands or feet in a shallow tray filled with water. We have different devices that vary in power in sending electrical currents. Suitability of a device is dependent on condition of a patient.  Typically, our devices run from 15 to 40 minutes depending on condition of the patient. The first phase runs for three times a week until the doctor notes significant changes with respect to dryness.



Carrie is a former product developer working in the medical industry. She likes to share her knowledge about devices such as iontophoresis machines on this blog.